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Google Adwords / Pay Per Click is a Cost-effective way of driving customers to your website. you the client pay for search word or phrase placement within the top of Google's search engine listings. This can be a highly effective way to attract instant targeted traffic to your website.

Google charge a small price per click through from their search pages to your website costing as little as 10p per potential customer. Imagine that is 10 new clients a day for around £1 per day! Pay Per Click places potential customers ready to purchase directly on your website. 21st Century Internet offer to set up your companies Pay Per Click for as little £200.00, once your account is set up you decide on how much you pay per month we do not take 50% of your payment as a fee all of your budget will be spent directly on clicks from your potential customers.

All businesses desire top page placement contact us today to see how we can help you achieve your goal!

Search Engine Marketing Rates

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    • Setup Fee From £200
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Google Adwords Pay Per Click

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